Monday, July 15, 2013

Ink And Toner Differences

Ink-toner is a common name people use when referencing the cartridges inside their printers. Most people aren't particular about the technicalities of their ink toner. Both put images on paper and that's all that matters. If you will be purchasing a printer soon, it may be time to understand the differences in order to make the best purchasing decision. Now would be a good time to tell you how toner and ink differ.
Color Toner Cartridges
To answer it simply, ink cartridges contain actual ink similar to what you would find inside of a pen and toner actually contains a powdery substance. But there is a little more to it than that.
Laser Printer
Just like a typewriter, ink cartridge printers use pressure to leave an image on the paper. Ink cartridge printers are still popular today because ink is much cheaper than toner and the quality of the print is often better. Ink printers are usually smaller than toner printers, which is something to keep in mind if space is an issue for you. They are so small, ink cartridges can fit in your hand and the printer doesn't need to be much larger than a business sized envelop. Toner cartridges are several inches long and the printer that houses it is bigger as well.
Ink Printer
Inside the toner printer, toner and polymer are combined and the image is actually burned into the paper. Printers that use toner cartridges, have a heating mechanism inside that heats up the particles in the toner; once the particles reach a certain temperature they melt and stick to the paper. Toner cartridges contain different formulas that make up the toner resulting in particles of various sizes. Particle size is what you most want to be concerned with when it comes to quality. Images that are clear and crisp are created with formulas using small particles.
Ink Cartridges
Toner cartridge printers are the favorite among a large number of people. Toner printers print faster. Because toner is more stable it does not fade or smudge like ink. The longer, bigger toner cartridges is capable of printing thousands and thousands of images unlike ink cartridges that can only print a few hundred copies. Of course the ability to make thousands of copies is reflected in the price of toner cartridges.
Toner Printer
Before deciding which is the best, you have to consider the capacity in which the printer will be used. There are pros and cons with each type of cartridge. When making your decision, you want to evaluate exactly what you will be using the printer for and how much space you have to house your printer. If you need a printer that is going to produce large quantities on a consistent basis, then a toner based printer may fit your needs best. On the other hand, if you are looking for a printer for your home that will not be used often for high volume projects, an ink based printer would make more economical sense for you.

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