Saturday, June 22, 2013

Ideas That Will Make You Think About Printers

Without toner cartridges, there would be no working laser printer. The toner cartridge inside of a laser printer is responsible for actually putting the ink on the paper. There are many parts to a laser printer toner cartridge. Toner cartridges fuse ink to the paper by using heated rollers after the ink is applied to the paper through electrostatic charged drum piece. Toner cartridges and drum units are the two main parts that make up most printers. There are also toner cartridges that include thee drum unit within its design however. In these printers, every time that the toner cartridge needs to be replaced, the drum unit must be replaced as well. Many people prefer printers that only require the toner cartridge to be changed due to cost and time restrictions.
Compatible Generic Toner Cartridge

There are many manufacturers of many types of toner cartridges. OEM toner cartridges are the genuine cartridges made by the original manufacturer. Guarantees are usually given on OEM toner cartridges. Original, OEM toner cartridges are almost always more expensive than off brands, refills, or recycled cartridges. While being more expensive, OEM toner cartridges can usually be found at a few special retailers at a cheaper price. Compatible, generic, or off-brand toner cartridges are called so because they are made by a completely different company under a different name. Patent laws require these compatible toner cartridges to appear slightly different than the OEM counterparts. Many people believe that the generic, compatible toner cartridges are far less reliable, but these same people can all agree the price is tempting.

Toner is made using air jet milling which compounds the ingredients and breaks it into a powder with the hopes of achieving specific particle size. Often times air jet milling doesn't lead to consistent uniform sized particles. Some companies are starting to use a new process to grow particles chemically, giving them more control over size and shape.
Slightly different cartridges can vary widely in price. Sometimes certain toner cartridges can even be more expensive than the actual printer. This is rare though, and only happens with printers that were very cheap because of inferior quality. New printers only come with cartridges that are a third full and some people keep buying new cheap printers every time the cartridges run out so they are actually spending more money in the long run. In order to truly save money in this industry, the consumer should buy compatible generic toner cartridges for a nicer printer.

There are specific  ways in which to clean toner cartridges. Cold water should never be used to clean toner cartridges, but rather hot water because it will keep the toner in place. A vacuum cleaner should never be used to clean toner. A HEPA filter and a conductive hose should be used to clean spilt toner.

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